take it easy – you’re on vacation.

Posted on: Friday, August 29, 2014


hello from New Brunswick!  if you can believe it, i haven’t taken off more than 2 days since my honeymoon which has been almost 2 years ago now!  with the long weekend here and flying into New Brunswick for a wedding, i decided to take a few extra days off and now officially consider myself to be on vacation.  WHOO HOO!!!


we often visit around christmas and new years as josh has a lot of family here but it’s a rare treat when we get here during the summer time – and i’m not complaining one bit!  when i woke up this morning after a lovely sleep in a family members guest bedroom, the dog and i ran outdoors to take some photos.  those are cows just over the hill in the first photo – i bought new sneakers the day before, so i really wasn’t willing to run up the hill for fear of sinking to my knees in wet mud – sorry.  : )


i’m hoping to share a few photos with you each day of my vacation, so keep coming back to check it out!  trying to challenge myself to blog more than i have been.  let’s see how it goes!

happy long weekend – wherever you are!


goofing around in stratford.

Posted on: Sunday, August 17, 2014








on a lovely sunday morning, my mother, brother and i took a short trip into stratford, ontario.  my brother chad is a fabulous photographer, i definitely consider him to be apart of the little siddall studios team, and not just because we share the same last name (maiden name that is for me now, HA!), but most recently having helped me out the first weekend in august for a wedding.  he’s a blast to work with, and just as much fun to goof around with when “not on the clock” as we did this one morning in stratford together.

he has a style that is all his own – i urge you to check it out.

cargo collective


also, if you’ve never visited stratford before – you simply must go!  go see a play – or two!  take a walk around the gorgeous avon river, view the stunning houses, window shop at the cutest little places and eat your hearts out because the food is devine!

happy sunday – wherever you are!

a baby shoot with amayah.

Posted on: Wednesday, August 13, 2014


well would you take a look at this beautiful little princess!

it was an absolute pleasure getting to spend an hour with Amayah one weekend in july.  so curious!  so cute!!
robert munsch is definitely one of my favourite children’s authors – i have an autographed copy of the fire station sitting on my bookshelf.  my mom took my brother and i to see him when we were young.

by the looks of it, i’m pretty sure Amayah approves of robert munsch as well.  : )

oh hey there!

Posted on: Saturday, August 9, 2014


one thing about getting my bangs back, i forgot that they grow SO FAST!
also, i just celebrated my birthday 2 weeks ago today.  i turned 27 on the 27th!  hurrah!  i love that number.  a lot.
but haircut and birthday aside…

hey there blog readers! : )
how’s it going?  enjoying your summer i hope!
i sure am!  i can’t wait to share with you another baby shoot i recently did, as well as… my first wedding!  yippee!

there hasn’t been too much photo taking of food lately, with the summer hiatus of the travelling crockpot, but i’m hoping to change that very soon.  i’m constantly being beckoned to the great outdoors – whether to a park, camping, or just a long evening stroll, these months – i can’t get enough!

i encourage you to soak up the last few weeks we have of this fabulous summer – wherever you are.

get outside.

Posted on: Sunday, June 29, 2014


i find it difficult to sit in front of a computer all day to then come home and want to do the same thing.  forgive me for being on and off with my blogging lately, but really, can you blame me?  it’s gorgeous out there!  are you taking advantage of it?  i hope you are.

sharing stories
ice cream dates
market strolling
puddle jumping
hidden treasures
balcony brunches
afternoon naps
singing on swings in the park
beers on a patio
flying kites and
candlelit nights

are a few things i suggest you do.

but if you only remember one thing – get outside, go explore, forever discover.

no camera – and these are just words.

Posted on: Friday, June 27, 2014


these are the nights.

the happy silent ones that are all my own.

walk with no care – to nowhere.

and no camera.


and these are just words – from inside my notebook.

drifting away to the music.

Posted on: Wednesday, June 25, 2014

it’s been awhile since i’ve shared any music with you and with summer in full swing, i thought you should have some sweet jams to listen to.  i have to thank my dear friend Catherine for sharing this playlist with me.  it’s been my go to for the last… 3 months if i’m going to be honest.  i find it rather addicting to listen to.  whether i’m chilling with friends and want background music or if i’m sitting at my work desk and want to get right down to business, this playlist is it for me.  and hopefully it’ll be for you too.  start from the beginning, or what i like to do is start from 1:17.  i can only have so much of the don’t worry, be happy classic.

i say – listen deeply with all of yourself and turn it up.

LCAW – don’t worry, be happy

enjoy – wherever you are!

garlic scapes – but what the heck do you do with them?

Posted on: Wednesday, June 11, 2014


it comes and goes oh so quickly.  if you are lucky enough, you will be able to take advantage of garlic scape season.  prepared in advance, you can enjoy garlic scapes well into the winter too.

garlic scape pesto & garlic scape butter.  yes please!

sautéing garlic scapes in butter is my favourite!  it’s honestly a joy just to chop them up and they smell fantastic!  i throw them in with eggs for my breakfast.  or i’ll chop them into 2 inch sticks and roast them with potatoes, tomatoes, onions, whatever kind of veggies i have in the house.

black sheep farms said – the season can start as early as the beginning of june and only lasts for a couple of weeks.  last year their scape season ran from mid to end of June – it all depends on how early/warm/wet spring is each year.

i haven’t seen them pop up at my local farmers’ market yet, but when i do, you better believe i’ll be snatching them right up!  check out this super cute article from the messy baker, making soup out of a scapes.  a lot of scapes.  mmm.

hustle baby, hustle.

Posted on: Sunday, June 8, 2014


it’s when we dig deep down do we find the scariest and best parts of ourselves.

throw caution to the wind.
go adventuring.
scare yourself.
do something wild.

hustle baby, hustle.

why stop here, why stop now.
you have the power
to be, to do
whatever the fuck you want.
own it.
embrace the unknown.

and these are just words – from inside my notebook.

little balcony garden.

Posted on: Wednesday, May 28, 2014



green onions
romaine, boston and red leaf lettuce.

it’s a start for my little balcony garden.  now here’s hoping i don’t kill them.  eek!

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