the now project. in the sheets.

Posted on: Wednesday, January 4, 2017

hey 2017!  nice to meet you!  i think you’re going to be pretty swell.  why?  because i’m vowing to pick up my camera more often and document the everyday along with some fellow photographers under what is being called, The Now Project.  the creator, Erin Lester, in an Instagram post referring to her children wrote, “i’m missing out on the simplicity of their growth.” those words got me thinking about whether the same thing would happen to me, or if it had already.
it’s so easy to pull out our phones to take videos and photos, but we often forget about the quality and the quantity at which we’re shooting.  i’m looking forward to challenging myself.  to show some restraint and to dare to be a little more creative.  this collection of photos will hopefully one day be cherished memories for my little Levi.

| in the sheets. | week 1. |


so down low – the elwins.

Posted on: Monday, December 12, 2016

here’s a head bobbing, shake away the monday morning blues song for you.

i say – listen deeply with all of yourself and turn it up.

the elwins – so down low.

enjoy – wherever you are.

into the woods we went.

Posted on: Friday, September 30, 2016

sitting on the couch with my feet on the coffee table i start typing these words.  a blog post that is far overdue.  hi.  hello!  how are you?  it’s been awhile.  where to even begin again.

i’m currently eating mint girl guide cookies.  the best kind if you ask me.  a friend recently told me about these samoas ones, they look mighty tasty but i guess they are region specific because i had never even heard of them. here’s a link to making homemade samoas that look far too tedious and i’d probably just end up throwing everything in a bowl, stirring and then eating it with a spoon. SO, if you know of anyone who is in the area that has a troop selling these samoas… let me know, i’d love to try them!

the mint cookies remind me of my younger days when i was apart of a troop and would have sold my own boxes of cookies to fund things like go camping.  winter camping was the coolest.  (see what i just did there. ha.)  i have this distinct memory of sitting in the snow all bundled up in my snowsuit and eating hot grilled cheese out of aluminum foil that had just come from the fire pit.

in the time that i’ve been silent on the blog, josh and i welcomed a baby boy into our family.  meet Levi.  he absolutely loves the outdoors.  we took him on his first camping trip this summer to Sandbanks Provincial Park.  have you been?  good grief is it ever gorgeous there!  i’ve long swooned over the thought of living somewhere in Prince Edward County and camping at Sandbanks for just 2 nights had me longing to just forget the city and stay.  those sandy beaches – glorious.  the hiking trails – scenic.


camping this time around was different than any trip before.  this time, we were bringing a baby.  i was definitely nervous for the nights.  would he scream and wake up the entire campground?  probably.  and did he?  a little the first night.  second night barely a peep.  am i glad we did it?  you bet!  am i glad we had four extra hands to help?  COMPLETELY!!!  i’m sure we could have managed as a little family on our own, but boy was it ever helpful to have friends around to watch over the baby while you set up your tent or had your hands over the fire cooking while your significant other was fetching more wood or putting up a tarp.

such peace and calm was felt on this trip.  we can’t wait to do it again next year.  by then Levi will be walking though and it’ll be impossible to keep the sand away from his, well, everything!  any tips and tricks for babies at beaches i’m all ears!

happy weekend friends!

BATL. competition among friends.

Posted on: Wednesday, March 2, 2016


it’s amazing how quickly these folks feel like family.  the annual skills competition was a few weekends ago (one of the coldest weekends on record in the city this year) and i went to cheer on josh and took the opportunity to snap a few photos.

portraits of a daughter.

Posted on: Sunday, November 1, 2015




this little one and i got along like two peas in a pod.  above are a few of the images i took.
i kept her entertained and happy to be in front of many cameras while my classmates took portraits of her and the rest of the family for the duration of class that night.
she truly melted my heart.
i had the privilege of meeting and photographing different folks as i completed a “photography of people” course.  enjoy some of the images i took in that class, here on the blog.

portraits of woodrow.

Posted on: Monday, October 26, 2015



this is woodrow.
i had the privilege of meeting and photographing different folks as i completed a “photography of people” course.  enjoy some of the images i took in that class, here on the blog.

portraits of luke.

Posted on: Saturday, June 27, 2015



this is luke.
he likes to skateboard.

i have the privilege of meeting and photographing different folks every monday night as i complete a “photography of people” course.  enjoy some of the images i take in that class, here on the blog.

in studio. portraits of nicole.

Posted on: Friday, June 19, 2015


this is nicole.
she’s into music.

i have the privilege of meeting and photographing different folks every monday night as i complete a “photography of people” course.  i’ll be sharing some of the images i take in that class here on the blog.

high park cherry blossoms. in case you haven’t seen enough.

Posted on: Sunday, May 10, 2015


come one, come all – to see the high park cherry blossoms!
it’s no joke.  EVERYONE comes to see them.  that’s what it feels like anyways.  almost like a rock concert, or july 1st fireworks, seeing the cherry blossoms is an event.  (if i can give you one suggestion, TAKE PUBLIC TRANSIT!  you’ll thank me later)

considering the blossoms are only in full bloom for a few short days, it makes sense why the hundreds of thousands of folks flock to high park to take a peek with their own eyes… er, ahem, i mean… cameras.
it’s nuts to see the amount of folks lens locked to their camera or mobile device.
for that reason, i didn’t take very many photos that day.  instead, i walked, talked, laughed and observed all that was around me.

and if you’re celebrating – happy mother’s day – wherever you are.  ^_^

oh, hello there!

Posted on: Sunday, May 3, 2015


you can’t tame these horses.

have you heard of the 30x30challenge?  their challenge is simple – set the intention to get outside each day and reconnect with nature.  it’s a great excuse and motivator to spend more time outdoors if you ask me!  we could all use a little more fresh air couldn’t we?  this would say we do.  you can follow me on instagram and twitter for the month of may, but i urge you to get outdoors too.  seriously.  do it.

notice a new face to the site?  that’s my slightly younger but much taller, brother, chad.  i’ll be making a few changes to the site in the coming months – stay tuned!

i brought along these salted chocolate chunk cookies that i made earlier in the morning to a friends birthday party.  she was lucky they weren’t all gone by the time i got to her place.  it was tempting, let me tell you.

check out toronto wordsmiths – i went to their latest showcase and open mic held at the blackbird bistro and cafe.  it was moving to say the least.

before the last artist went up, i snuck to the back to take a photo of the crowd.  the back of this quaint coffee shop was packed.
on a whim, i ventured out to see a friend whom i’d received a facebook event invite from.  her name was on the performance list.  hmm – this might be cool i thought.
for the next 3 hours i was encapsulated in the words, in the thoughts and the energy of that small room and the so very many people it held.  i laughed, i cried and got shivers on more than one occasion.
i slipped out the back as it ended.  i’ll tell her how much i enjoyed it – later, i thought.
right now – right now, my heart is heavily filled with joy.  and oddly, anger.
it was the kind of night you wish you could replay.  but at the same time, you don’t.  it was perfect.
what my eyes remember seeing, what my brain remembers remembering and what my heart remembers feeling – is plenty enough.

happy sunday – wherever you are.

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