scared to press publish.

Posted on: Friday, March 20, 2015


the truth is – i’m scared to press publish.

there are 41 started, but not completed drafts sitting in the back end of my site.

so why am i so scared to share?

fear of failure.  not good enough.  rejection.  the snickering, the laughter.  incompleteness.
the inevitability that i very well might piss people off.  and sometimes – it’ll be the ones closest to me.

all of the above.  sometimes i think it’d be easier to write and post under a ghost writer name.
behind a mask.  steer clear of any direct criticism – silently taking in the feedback.

imperfections are perfect.

sometimes it’s easy to forget that.
to loose track.  loose site of what is just down the road, around the bend.
they why of it all.  your purpose.  your direction.
who is this all really for?  what am i doing?  how do i let this – all this, out?
and all the while, somehow come out successful.

i read this post by megan gilger of the fresh exchange.  her posts are honest, and this one sent me that gentle nudge i was needing.
i get to define what success is for me.

my day job has been keeping me engaged and completely busy, but sadly that then means this here blog has gotten a little neglected.  thanks to my family, and my mother (who will be happy to see a post – she’s been bugging me for one for quite sometime, politely of course), and to the friends who ride the waves with me.  if only i could express my deepest love for each and every one of you to the fullest.  your wisdom, support, laughter and love is an endless sea.  thank you.

i may not post 3 times a week.  or even a month.
but hey – i get to define what success is for me.
and me, well, i’m currently on a journey.

thank you, dear readers, for sticking around – wherever you are.

another new years resolution – completed.

Posted on: Sunday, January 11, 2015

i’m lucky enough to have time off over the holidays and i find that’s when i’m able to relax.
to unwind from the daily grind and reflect on all things past, present, and future.

i absolutely love celebrating the new year.  i allow my headspace to reset.  to throw out all the troubles and worries of the previous year and look forward to the things to come.

give yourself a clear sense of direction while staying wild and free.

i ate and i drank.  with no care in the world.  i enjoyed to the fullest the company that surrounded me.  the friends that have basically become family, i hold incredibly dear to my heart.  no matter how much time passes in between visits, it’s as if no time has passed when you do see each other.  pick up where you left off – laughter and giggles.

my new years was full of dancing.  not only did we go out to a bar and dance to some great drum and bass, but we started and then eventually ended the evening dancing in our living room too.  there’s something so freeing about dancing whenever and wherever you want.  go ahead – feel and groove to the music.  seriously – dance like no one is watching.


why the fuzzy photo?  because i’m not too sure what 2015 has in store for me just yet.  we’ll just have to wait and see.  i do foresee a lot more water and lemon in my life though.  i really don’t drink enough water.

if you’ve been following along for a few years, you’ll know that i like to set simple new year resolutions.
2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2013 no.2 |

so – what was 2014’s resolution?  well, you may have figured that one out if you read this blog post.

i wrote to both of my grandmothers once a month for the entire year of 2014.
i didn’t know what to expect out of it when i first started, but what i got out of it was… priceless.  i feel as if i found a way to connect where i wouldn’t have if i had just picked up the phone and had, maybe, a 10 minute conversation.  it allowed me to get to know each of them as individuals a little more than i ever have before.  i’ll treasure these letters forever.  and don’t think this means that i’ll stop!  oh no!  this is one of those resolutions that once you start, you realize you don’t want to stop.

and so, i would encourage you to think of something.  anything.  big or small.  something to accomplish this year for yourself.
don’t tell anyone – just yourself.  and a year from now, feel free to tell the world, or just marvel and relish in your accomplishment because you deserve it.

happy new year everyone, and happy sunday – wherever you are!

make your place smell like christmas by doing this.

Posted on: Sunday, December 7, 2014


christmas is in the air.

Posted on: Saturday, December 6, 2014


there’s always that one day – i walk outside, take a deep breathe in of that cool crisp air – and it’s christmas time.  i can smell it and i can feel it.  that’s when i know it’s time to cozy up with a good cup of tea.
or hot chocolate.
or cider.
or – OMG – egg nog.  it’s definitely a favourite of mine over the holidays.  rum or no rum.  it really doesn’t matter.


jazzy christmas music playing while the fireplace crackles on the tv (don’t judge, if only i had a real fireplace.)
the sweet smells of christmas simmering on the stove.  currently, apple, cloves, anise seeds and cinnamon.
reading your favourite christmas book while curled up on the couch with a blanket.
wrapping up gifts in brown paper and tying them up with string.  actually.  i’m not just referencing the sound of music here.
i love wrapping presents!  it’s almost as fun as giving them.  almost.  brown kraft paper is my go to because you can do so much with it!  stamp it, paint it, draw on it, or leave it bare to adorn a red bow.


there are so many things i want to do over the holiday season, and before you know it, it’s come and gone.  it’s december 6th already folks!  have you got your christmas shopping done yet?  i haven’t – but that’s okay.  there’s time.  shop local if you can.

or how about…

making something – diy – effort AND possibly sentimental!!! brownie points!
a fancy dinner or a movie date
go to the theatre, the symphony, the ballet
plan a three course home cooked meal
go skating
create a playlist you know they’ll love

whatever you’re gifting this year, do it with love.
because – it’s the thought that really counts.  at least, i’ve always thought so.

and all material gifts aside – it’s really the time spent with family and friends that’s the greatest gift around the holidays.

the travelling crockpot – adrienne’s dinner no. 3

Posted on: Monday, November 17, 2014

so… after a 6 month hiatus…

the travelling crockpot IS BACK!

here’s a quick recap of the previous travelling crockpot dinners – and yes – adrienne does know she’s behind, but we’ve planned a catch up meal in our future.  not to worry.

becky | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  |  nikki | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  |  adrienne | 1 | 2  |  our collective holiday feast


adrienne’s turn to cook the meal, she started off with apple slices topped with chutney and aged irish cheddar.
for our main meal she toasted up freshly baked crostini’s slathered in garlic butter and served it with a fantastic bolognese sauce and pasta.  you can find the recipe she worked off of – here.
for dessert – a dreamy red velvet cake with heavenly goat cheese frosting.  seriously – that frosting.  i wish i had been there when she made the frosting.  i would have gladly licked those beaters clean for her.  i realize i didn’t share a photo with you of what the inside of the cake looked like, but believe me when i tell you, it was the colour red.  FROM BEET JUICE!  not red food colouring! (which is awful for you, ps.)  BEET JUICE!  adrienne cut up, pureed, drained and strained beets to get the juice to use as dye.  *jaw drop* i know – right?!?  impressive.

a funny thing about these dinners is that you never know how it’s going to turn out.  that’s the joy of cooking.  you win some and you loose some.  if only you could be a fly on the wall to hear the conversations that happen over a delicious meal and some good wine on a crockpot night.  there’s a story that comes along with that red velvet cake – but i’ll save that for an outtake post in the future.  why?  just because.  i’m slightly evil like that – and hey, why not give you a reason to keep coming back and check out the blog.  buahh haha

my weekend went a little like this…

Posted on: Monday, November 10, 2014

friday evening i ended up in pickering for some wicked axe throwing.  BATL has opened up a new location there.  if you’ve never tried out axe throwing, i fully encourage you to do so.  it’s completely addicting.

i read this article which i found super interesting.  it caught my attention because, well, i’ve always loved those coca-cola polar bears!
which led me to this commercial.
i’d love to know what you think!

and then there was this article.  beautiful.  i love the idea of taking the same photograph over many years.  maybe i should try this.


all iphone.

made soup.  again.  my favourite thus far being… 1 onion, 4 garlic cloves, 2 tbsp paprika, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/4 tsp cayenne, 2 cups of water with a bouillon cube, half a butternut squash and three carrots.  mmm. mmm. mmm. and then i made cookies.  coconut, oatmeal, walnut, toffee cookies.  just because.  and then there were dishes.  plenty of dishes after a weekends worth of cooking and baking.

laundry.  so much laundry.  sometimes i wonder how two people can have so much clothing and how often it feels like i have nothing in my closet.

i turned on some christmas music and started making christmas cards to give out to family and friends this year.  soon enough we’ll be putting up our tree.  i can – and should hold out i think until the last weekend of november.  we’ll see if i can last that long.

had a visit with the in-laws.  watched the senators sadly loose to the leafs.  yes – i live in toronto and i’m not a leafs fan. gasp!

tried to get as much sleep as i could.  even if that meant napping on the couch while josh watched a movie or played video games.  and my weekend mornings?  i didn’t set and alarm and i slept in as long as my brain would allow.  i haven’t been sleeping well so i’ve been taking all i can get.

and just like that – the weekend was over.  but what a relaxing one it was.  i feel content and at ease.  that might just be the jazz i’m listening to now.  who knows.  maybe i just need more sleep.  how was your weekend?

soup for the fall and winter.

Posted on: Saturday, November 8, 2014


i love soup.

it becomes a staple in my everyday lunch at work in the fall and winter months.

and it’s so darn easy!  my favourite?  sweet potato… with anything. i absolutely love sweet potatoes.

the past two weeks i’ve made all kinds of variations on the same soup.  i encourage you to do the same.

mix any of the following together – and hello yumminess!

1 tsp of olive oil, once pot is hot (medium to medium high heat) add
1 onion, fresh chopped garlic (i used 4-6 cloves each time) fresh chopped ginger (about 1 tbsp)
i like to add the spices to a fairly dry pot to toast them a bit, then add
2-4 cups of water, depends how many vegetables you’ve chopped up
with a bouillon cube of your liking (or you could use any kind of stock)
sweet potatoes
butternut squash

slow simmer boil until everything is nice and soft
blend (hand blender, stand mixer, whatever you have) and then add
1/2 to 1 can of coconut milk
stir in 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar.
taste.  add salt to your liking.
top with roasted squash seeds if you like.

happy sunday – wherever you are!

stolen dance – milky chance.

Posted on: Wednesday, November 5, 2014

this song.
there’s more – but i shouldn’t talk about it…

i say – listen deeply with all of yourself and turn it up.

milky chance – stolen dance

enjoy – wherever you are.

birthday balloons.

Posted on: Sunday, November 2, 2014

logan-balloons-photoshootif you’ve been following along, you’ll maybe recognize this little man from this blog post back in april.

it was a pleasant surprise when Logan’s dad reached out to book another photo session.
it was his wife’s birthday and he wanted to surprise her with some photos of their son and thought it’d be cool to make them into a calendar for her.

ummm – okay!

so we planned out a bunch of different outfits and went on our merry way taking photos with Logan one brisk morning this month.  his wonder and joy for the balloons was fascinating.  his smile, his laugh – ugh, is he ever cute!  i can see why having photos at all stages of their childhood years is so important.  they change so fast!

happy birthday mumma!  your man is a sneaky one, but for all the right reasons! xo
and happy sunday everyone – wherever you are!

the wedding of jill & chris.

Posted on: Sunday, October 19, 2014

i had the honour of being my dear friend jill’s wedding photographer the first weekend in august of this year, as she married her love – chris.  with my brother by my side, we captured their big day.  it was something else.  something magical – filled with incredible amounts of laughter and love.  i can’t thank jill & chris enough for asking me to be apart of their big day.  i’ve gotten to learn so much about myself as a photographer along the way.  every individual and couple who has allowed me into their lives to capture memories that they’ll look back on years down the road – well, it’s a feeling i can’t get enough of and i can’t thank each of you enough for.  you’ve helped me grow.  i hope you enjoy the photos!  it was an incredible night that i’ll never forget.  i cried (a good cry of course!) as they had their first dance as husband and wife and then cheered and sang along as the groom and his band rocked out for the guests.  encore! encore!


happy sunday – wherever you are!

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