think you can handle this cuteness? a baby shoot.

Posted on: Wednesday, April 9, 2014


meet logan.
at 10 months old he’s a ridiculously cute little guy and i had the pleasure of photographing him and his parents.  as i do not have a child of my own yet, i can only imagine the emotions (and lack of sleep) they are going through.  take one look at this face though and it’s all worth it.  thank you to jordana, kevin and of course, logan.  the three of you were a delight to photograph.

photographing people is my absolute favourite thing to do!
get in touch if you want to have a little shoot of your own.
we’ll have some fun – wherever you are.

beach. birthday. adventures.

Posted on: Thursday, April 3, 2014

josh-cherry-beachi’ve referred to my husband as mohawk since i began this blog.
truth be told, the days of changing hairstyles..
sorry, hairstyle.
a mohawk.
are over.

being as we celebrated his birthday this past thursday and then again all of last weekend, i thought it’d also be an appropriate time to retire the mohawk reference and give my husband a new name on the blog.  his name.


along with two close friends the celebrations started off at benihana japanese steakhouse at the fairmont royal york hotel.  after a few pina coladas we were entertained by a joyful man who cooked our food in front of us on a hibachi table.  everything was delicious!
come saturday josh went to the farmers market with me, i picked up an icecream cake and made chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting.  just over 20 people made it to our place before heading to “no one writes to the colonel” at college and bathurst here in toronto.  they make GREAT mojitios.  and then just like that, somehow we had managed to stay up for a solid 24 hours with a couple of friends.  complete silliness ensues when you don’t get any sleep, so come mid sunday we all decided some fresh air would do us some good.  a visit to cherry beach was in order.  it was nice to spend a few hours by the water.  watching the many dogs playing around, the birds, the skyline, the wind in my hair and all with good company.  spring is here folks!  the photo below is evidence of josh’s beach birthday adventures.


“you can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”
- George Burns

self expression. pieces of many.

Posted on: Saturday, March 22, 2014


my brain – heavy
my knees – weak
you came without warning
left me barely able to speak

my vocab – little
yours – textbook endless
look into my soul
where there’s more
tell me.
can you see through the darkness?


we’ll still be friends
smile and wave
though my insides be aching
i’ll brave.

cause i’m a leo
through and through.
an arrogant
lustful – person.
you know it’s true.

party on
you’re a rockstar
wherever you are.

weekend rambles.

Posted on: Sunday, March 16, 2014


there are times when i like to doodle.  mind you, i’m not very good at it – but i find it soothing.  putting a pen to paper is not the same as putting these hands to a keyboard.  it’s a different kind of creative.  this past week i spent a great deal of time contemplating my photography homework – looking deep into myself – who am i?

am i the words i put to paper?  or the words upon this screen?
as the years pass and change, do i change or stay the same?

possibly only my notebooks can tell.  and a few select special people.  people who get it – and me.
i love people so much.  such interesting beings we are.  full of mystery.  full of excitement for life.

my phone died one evening – as iphones tend to do in cold weather – and for a few hours i remembered what it was like to be disconnected from everyone in my life.  even my music.  to just be with me.

my saturday mornings are similar.  there’s a stillness that falls across our apartment.  the only sound that can be heard is the steaming and dripping of my morning coffee brewing.  it’s the time i spend with myself before heading to the farmers market that i love.  it’s my time to write, time to spend with my cat tut, time to make a leisurely breakfast, time to just stare out the window at the people below.  in silence.  don’t get me wrong – i love when friends are around.  friends who appreciate the simple life.  the joy in the slowness.  the joy in small talk.  there’s a joy in food and drink that’s shared with others.  those are special people.  hold them close.

i could continue to ramble on – but i’ll save some for another day.
go do something that makes you happy on this last day of the weekend.
be a little selfish.  you’re worth it.
and tell me – how was your weekend? – wherever you are.

the travelling crockpot – adrienne’s dinner ||

Posted on: Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the snow has arrived in toronto again and on this chilly blustery day i thought why not warm up the soul by sharing this delicious meal that adrienne made the ladies of the travelling crockpot back in february.  adrienne sure knows how to set a mood.  it was unbelievably romantic.  the lights were dimmed, the candles lit, and flowers adorned the table.

see for yourself what we ate in the pictures below.  where do these pictures of her food take you?  what do you think it tasted like?  what ingredients can you point out?  i’m not going to give it all away now.  romanticize and fantasize for yourself and maybe, just maybe a little later on i’ll share a recipe or two from her.


stay warm friends – wherever you are!

road tripping to nowhere in particular.

Posted on: Tuesday, March 11, 2014


hey there.  that’s me behind the lens – taken last august on one of mohawk and i’s many “let’s just get in the car and drive” trips.  also known as our “green adventures.”  we’d often take a quick look at google maps, pick a patch of green space we had yet to explore and just go.  not knowing what we’d find once we got there or what we would pass along the way.  it’s the mystery of it all that’s so exciting.  the free feeling of no set plans.

this cold weather has really put a damper on my soul.  every once in a while i’ll get a glimpse of sunshine and warmth but just as quickly as it comes, it goes away again bringing on the negative temperatures.  it’ll come.  soon enough.  i just have to keep reminding myself of this.

lately i just want to get up and go.  that’s where my heads been at.  GET ME OUTTA HERE!  to nowhere in particular.  bring along a few people who have the same agenda as i do – an agenda of nothing – who want to have a ton of fun while doing so.  sounds great doesn’t it?  i think so.  pack snacks, a map and my camera and i’m set.

road snacks like
roasted nuts
crisp apples
homemade granola & trail mix
thermos full of caffeine and mason jars full of lemonade.

so – who’s coming with me?  and where are we going?
let’s just jump in the car and go shall we.

an abstract sunday snapshot.

Posted on: Sunday, March 2, 2014


it was a happy accident that i was able to share with you two fabulous intagrammers (condtion1 & vanilleink) through the month of february as i have been swamped in every other area of my life and if it hadn’t been for those lovelies sharing their beautiful imagery with all of us, this blog would have been rather silent.  i’m back to working full time at my day job as a logistics project manager and on my way to completing the digital photography 4 course at george brown.  no complaints other than that i’d love more time for this studio.  there are many things i want to share with you that stay on the pages of my notebook.  one day i’ll have the time to share – but for right now, it’s just not in the cards.

1 | the above photo was taken in one of my classes.  our assignment was to take photos of white paper.  sure, it may sound boring – but it really isn’t!  so where did the purple colour come from? super fun coloured toilet paper – that’s what!  and as much as i find this paper picture cool, i know what you really want… soon i’ll be sharing photos i took of a darling 10 week old baby and another travelling crockpot dinner.

2 | ate at the bier markt on the esplanade and then went back late in the evening for some dancing too – their beer selection is actually ridiculous, but in the best way!  and if you’re not into the alcohol, their food is also delicious!  the pork shanks – drool.  and i seem to have a thing for stilton blue cheese now.

3 | HOUSE OF CARDS – have you watched it?  it was a friend at work who mentioned her love for the show that made me go home and watch episode 1 of the first season – little did i know that the entire second season had also came out that very same day and then without blinking – mohawk and i had marathoned through BOTH seasons over the course of 4 days.  you could say we were addicted.  but for good reason.  if you have yet to watch it – go – go now.  it’s on netflix and you won’t be disappointed.  kevin spacey is a brilliant actor.  big big fan!  did i mention how much i loved the show? heehee.

instagram is my jam – you should follow…

Posted on: Friday, February 21, 2014

today i share with you another instagrammer i follow – @vanilleink – enjoy our Q & A, browse her beautiful photos and follow if you feel so inclined.  find her elsewhere at  a western roadthe cottonwood journals and boldbrewteam.


what made you sign up for instagram in the first place?

My previous job was at an advertising agency as a Public Relations and Social Media Manager, so it was important for me to stay in touch with new social media platforms. When Instagram was on a roll, I figured I’d better check it out. Now I love how easy Instagram makes it for like-minded people to connect.

would you call yourself a creative?

I suppose I would, as my free time is often spent writing fictional stories or whimsical narratives.

your instagram profile says storyteller.  explain.

I love to tell stories about other people, whether they are fictional, interviews or essays. Everyone has a story and I love learning what that story may be.

your instagram photos – iphone only?

Yes. iPhone only.

do you have a favourite photo editing app?

Two. Afterlight and VSCOcam.



what’s some favourite hashtags of yours?

#morningslikethese #adventuremore #livethelittlethings #howweweekend #awesternroad

printed photographs vs. digital images – go.

I love prints. Two of my favorite places for them are Printstagram and Artifact Uprising.

other than yourself, who would you suggest we follow?

@foodiecrush @katelesueur @trouvemag @kylieturley @mountainmamacooks @autumnkern @johnsonjoe


coffee or tea?

Always, coffee.

thanks for joining me @vanilleink
happy instagramming everyone – wherever you are!

follow this man – on instagram.

Posted on: Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentines day – wherever you are.

it’s on this day full of love that it only seems appropriate to share @condition1 instagram account.  his photos constantly remind me of my love for hawaii and how i’m not there right now.  there is a deep love for that place held in my heart and soul.  it is after all, where i honeymooned.  and talk about the pineapple and palm trees!!! sigh – bliss!  take a read through kevin and i’s Q & A below and go check out his instagram feed for yourself!  it’s beautiful!  all the images in the post are taken by @condition1 – let’s show him some love.


why did you sign up for instagram in the first place?

My original intent to start “gramming” was to expand my exposure to so many wonderful sources of photography; to be a “spectator” rather than a “contributor.”  But while there, I figured it would be strange to purely lurk, so posting became apart of the sparkle.  It was always my belief that everyone has something to offer… that inspiration originates from the smallest of places, not just the big ones, and Instagram offered exactly that!  To be able to hold all this talent, creativity, and emotion, in the palm of your hand by way of a mobile device is simply fascinating to me.


would you call yourself a creative?  

When I thought about this question, my answer turned out to be more complex than I expected.  You see, i often thought of myself as, yes, creative; of course that is until I found my way to flickr and Instagram.  The social media arena is, for me, a very overwhelming experience.  When you find a vehicle that offers an instant look at what people are doing, their ideas, their work, their expressions, it really begins to humble you.  I can’t even begin to count how many times I have said, “How did they do that?”,  ”How did they even think to do that?”, or simply, “That is amazing!”  In the grand comparison of online expression?  I really do, in the end, find it difficult to call myself creative.

 when did you first pick up a camera and fall in love with photography?

I first picked up a camera in a high school photography class.  During this time, and although fun, I really don’t think my heart and mind had enough maturity to take it seriously.  Or maybe it was too much adolescent indecisiveness, and the want to chase girls…. whatever it was, I was not ready.  Don’t get me wrong.. I did score an “A” in the class, but definitely did not call it a passion like I do now.  Fast forward to around 2009 when i was invited to  my first NASCAR race.  Racing and cars have been an interest of mine since i could drive, and when the opportunity came to be right in the thick of it, I knew I needed something substantial to document it.  It was then that I purchased my first DSLR and a bunch of lenses and well, “the rest is history.”


your profile says Honolulu, Hawaii – have you ever been to the mainland?

Yes I have, although born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii, I have been to the mainland several times; California, New York, Chicago, Maryland, and Virginia specifically.  If I had to pick a favorite place to visit, I would have to say New York.  That city is so alive, and full of energy…not to mention a photographers/IG’ers playground!!

you sometimes have a quote to go along with your picture (which i think is rad by the way) which do you find first?

Glad to hear you like the quotes!  I’m a bit of a quote freak.  I love quotes!  Aside from photography as a expression, quotes often say the things you want to say, but maybe can’t quite find the words to do so.  I almost always match the quote to the image.  There are times when I look at an image I took and say to myself, “this is a perfect shot for that quote that I love.”  I do admit there has been instances where I have gone out and specifically produced an image as a means to visually translate the words, and further its emotions.

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset

your instagram photos – iphone only?

I would say that 90% of my IG posts are iphone.  When I do post something “non-iphone” I usually hashtag the piece of equipment I used such as #canon, #Fujifilm, #x100, #xe1.  The coolest thing about “iphoneography” is that the phone is always with you.. so much potential right in your pocket!  And the results are nearly instantaneous!

do you have a favourite photo editing app?

My favorite app has to be VSCO hands down.  I do use Photoshop Express, Camera+, Snapseed, and Average Cam Pro.  Average Cam Pro has to be a close second since it allows me to simulate long exposure shots.  I will admit its not uncommon for me to use three different apps for one image.  In fact, it is a joke amongst my friends and even my wife, when I actually post something in under 5 minutes.  Haha!

printed photographs vs. digital images – go.

There is definitely a soft spot for prints.  In my honest opinion prints are reserved for the images that truly speak to you.  Does it stir your emotions?  Does it call out for conversation?  Does it say something that you have not found the words for?  if so, then it belongs on print.  Period!

Digital images are wonderful in their own right.  Really…how else can you get lost in hundreds of images that inspire.  If I told you there are hundreds of fantastic photos you have to see in those 7 shoeboxes, you’d have to sit down with me so long we could call it a long term relationship!  Digital images allow viewers to browse through images when they want, how long they want, and have it ready in a moment, when their heart’s desire.  Easy Peazy at the tips of your fingers!  How cool is that?


coffee or tea?

Coffee!  Straight up, no frills, black coffee!  I prefer out of a press, but if its good coffee, I’ll take it how it comes.  I do take my espresso at Starbucks with some condensed milk from time to time to change it up, and when the Seasonal drinks come up there I will indulge in those.  But overall…coffee, not blood, runs through my veins.  At least my transfusions, should I ever need it, will be cheaper.  Ha!

other than yourself, of course, who would you suggest we follow?

Wow!  I thought you were writing a blog, not a novel. ; )  Where do I start???  I mentioned once before that IG has so many people that offer inspiration and talent, that it would be impossible to start.  My suggestion?  Just browse through the people I follow.  I hate to sound like a department store but there is practically something for everyone!  I suppose if I had to pick one who has been an influence, even a mentor, not only in Instagram, but Photography in general, it would be @artchang.  I met Art through his also amazingly talented girlfriend, @issata a few years ago on flickr.  Since then, I am happy to not only call them “contacts” but also my friends.  Which leads me to the other super rad thing about flickr and Instagram (or any other common interest social format), the people you meet.  After all, if it weren’t for all of this, I wouldn’t have the privilege of writing this to you.  And with that said… “Thank you, Becky!”

thank YOU @condition1 - it’s been a pleasure.  

to my brother chad.

Posted on: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

there’s a bond that i share with my brother that can’t be explained.  i’m sure some of you know exactly what i’m talking about when i say that.  it’s special isn’t it?  cherish it.
i love celebrating birthdays!  celebrating the rad life that is all your own.
you are special.  you are one of a kind baby.


chad – you turn 24 today!

it’s crazy to think we’ve shared 24 long years by each others sides.
i wouldn’t change it for the world.
i love you.
like a brother.
happy birthday! happy birthday!  happy birthday!

remember when…

and since i’m all about instagram this month – check out chad’s feed and maybe while you’re there say happy birthday too. ;)

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