it’s been quite sometime since i’ve sat down and just wrote.  for years i would journal daily in my go-to moleskine planner.  which reminds me, i need to go purchase it for 2018.  last year i waited too long and they were sold out EVERYWHERE.  it made me incredibly sad because i’m so specific with the feel and the sizing.  anyways, this post is not about my love of moleskine journals, no – but rather my need to remind myself that it isn’t always about the photos.  sometimes just the words will do.

when i started LSS back in 2012 and still to this day, i’ve only ever used my own photos to go along with my posts.  this then meant that my subject matter of posts were very planned out.  or if it wasn’t, it meant i was stuck digging through countless folders on harddrives trying to find that “right one” that would correlate to what i was posting about.  i was and still am causing myself more work and more grief because of my want to keep this space 100% authentically my own.  when you come to the littlesiddallstudio website i want you to know that you’re getting my voice.  my thoughts.  and if you’re here to check out my galleries and inquire about a photo shoot, well that’s pretty cool too.  but I don’t want it to be the ONLY reason you come here.

i want you to come here for some unfiltered randomness when you find yourself wanting to take a moment.  a break from the constant that’s in your brain now.
so with that in mind, there might not be pictures attached to every post.  deal.
and in helping you to deal with this i might add in a fun link or two for you to check out because the internet is littered with information.  some funny.  some informative.  some i actually want to share with others!

to start you off, here’s a funny AND INFORMATIVE article about poo.  you’re welcome.

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