hey 2017!  nice to meet you!  i think you’re going to be pretty swell.  why?  because i’m vowing to pick up my camera more often and document the everyday along with some fellow photographers under what is being called, The Now Project.  the creator, Erin Lester, in an Instagram post referring to her children wrote, “i’m missing out on the simplicity of their growth.” those words got me thinking about whether the same thing would happen to me, or if it had already.
it’s so easy to pull out our phones to take videos and photos, but we often forget about the quality and the quantity at which we’re shooting.  i’m looking forward to challenging myself.  to show some restraint and to dare to be a little more creative.  this collection of photos will hopefully one day be cherished memories for my little Levi.

| in the sheets. | week 1. |


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